Satement of Purpose

Mission Statement

To provide the highest standards of patient-centred healthcare, utilising fully the resources available to us whilst treating all our patients with equality and respect.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide the highest and safest standards of care to our patients
  • For all our staff to work as a team, always putting our patients first and at the centre of the service we deliver
  • To treat all patients equally, with respect and courtesy and without prejudice
  • To work in partnership with our patients, their families and carers to achieve the best outcomes possible for their health and well-being
  • To focus on the prevention of illness by promoting healthy lifestyle choices
  • To provide a safe and friendly environment for both patients and staff with a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of abuse
  • To run a safe and sustainable service, looking after the welfare of our staff, ensuring they can perform to the highest standards at all times
  • To embed quality improvement methodology into the continual improvement of our services, by listening to our patients and by actively reviewing and auditing what we do
  • To use NHS resources responsibly to help deliver an efficient service
  • To recognise our role as both a provider and commissioner and to work with local NHS and social care bodies to develop a sustainable health economy
  • To continually strive to deliver a high quality, evidence-based service with all our staff being trained to the highest standards in order to carry out their duties competently
  • To strive to be a centre of educational excellence and to support the health and social care system by actively encouraging and facilitating the development, training and education of health and social care staff

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